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Multi-dimensional Treatment Foster Care

Of the three million emotionally disturbed children in this country, two-thirds do not receive the services they need, and countless others receive inappropriate care. Research has indicated the need for comprehensive, community-based, family-focused systems of care for troubled children and youths.

Free time is supervised and peer relationships are closely monitored at home and at school.  The family environment fosters positive relationship building at home. Treatment families create learning opportunities in developing interpersonal and behavioral skills that will help the child adapt in society.

The development of such a system is now becoming a national goal.  The need for parents to care for these children is the key to accomplishing this goal.

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Outpatient Program

Choices for Life offers outpatient counseling services and case management for clients.

Recent Job Opportunity

Seeking full-time therapists in our Ponca City office. Masters Degree required and licensed or under supervision for LPC, LMFT, LBP, or LCSW. Competitive salary and benefits. To apply click here.

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