Choices For Life

Our Mission

Distinguished by a competitive spirit and collaborative heart, supported by its commitment to professionalism and personal concern, Choices for Life is dedicated to affecting positive change in families and children with special needs.  By combining skills and resources of Choices for Life professional team in concert with state agencies, counselors and social workers, we will provide a nurturing environment that promotes safety, wellbeing, and permanence.

Our Pledge

In order to accomplish its mission, Choices for Life relies on its relationship with its children, families and community partners.  To facilitate this relationship, Choices for Life pledges:

  1. To provide support to its families through timely response to family concerns and suggestions
  2. To provide families and staff with substantive and educational training, ethical and professional services, and continued supports and resources
  3. To maintain open lines of communication at all levels between and among, Choices for Life staff, management, community resources, families, and the children we serve

Serving Oklahoma and Georgia

Choices for Life Foster Care program is specialized in-home treatment for children and youth with multiple psychological, social, and emotional needs who can accept and respond to relationships within a family, but whose special needs require more intensive care.

Foster families in partnership with Choices for Life provide and document daily in-home skills. Children in the foster care program receive counseling services from our qualified staff. The children receive individual, family, and group counseling.

Besides being a challenging and personally rewarding experience, becoming a Choices for Life Foster Parent will enrich the lives of children in need. In partnership with the treatment team nurturing an abused or neglected child is a fulfilling way to enhance the life of a child.

We Offer a Variety of Services to Foster Parents:

  • Pre-certification and on-going training and support
  • Screening & matching of treatment parents and children
  • 24-hour availability for additional support / crisis services
  • Respite Care for foster parents
  • Support Group

Choices for Life of Georgia also offers CORE services to children in the community. Click here to find out more about them and its CORE services.