Choices For Life
These are hand-picked moments in our Treatment Parents’ lives which they have found to be exceptional, precious, uplifting, and with no better word … Choice .
“Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.”
- Corita Kent 
The following success stories are to serve as an inspiration to everyone who has cared for a child and has felt the joy of every small success. Names of children have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Dear Parents, you may submit your Choice Moment online by clicking here.


  • I love you a hundred times this many!

    Cassie walked in the room while I was visiting with her case worker. CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY
  • A Light in the Dark

    I remember when Sara came into my room and said, “Mom, I think my light is coming on.” CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY
  • 22 and still "hugable"

    John had been with us for about 5 months. During this time he would not allow ANYONE to touch him in any way. CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY
  • A Big Step

    An adorable 7 year old girl with Aspergers has struggled with intense fear of trying new things since she was first placed in a Choices for Life foster home. CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY
  • Saved a young boy's life

    When Bradley was in the restroom at school he noticed a child was panicking, Bradley calmed the boy down was able to find out that the boy had swallowed a coin and it was lodged in the back of this throat. CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY
  • Can we rescue another child from the hospital?

    A foster mom was surprised and delighted to hear her current foster son ask "Can we rescue another child from the hospital?"CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY
  • The Journey of Healing & Hope

    We chose to be foster parents because we wanted to be a positive influence in the life of a child. CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY
  • Saying "I love you" & meaning every word ...

    Walt Whitman spoke of a child that came and went every day. In his poem "There Was a Child Went Forth," the child looked upon things in his surroundings and slowly became the object that he saw. The child in Whitman's poem is a lot like a foster child. CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY
  • Planting a seed of love

    We noticed that our biological children were attending school with children that seemed to need a little help. We knew we could make a positive change in the lives of those who are less fortunate, and so that is what we set out to do. We never dreamed that it would change our lives along the way. CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY
  • Touching 226 lives ...

    I first became interested in becoming a foster parent during the time that I worked in the newborn nursery as a LPN. At Oklahoma University Hospital, I remember seeing so many of the newborn babies with drugs in their little systems and not being able to go home with their mothers. It broke my heart. CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY
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