Choices For Life

What is a Treatment Parent Specialist?

A Treatment Parent Specialist is a Choices for Life trained Foster Parent. When you become a member of the Choices for Life team you are viewed as more than a Foster Parent. You are respected for your knowledge, dedication, and professionalism, and treated as a Treatment Parent Specialist.

Why are the children in DHS custody?

The children are in the custody of Child Welfare for a variety of reasons, including abuse, neglect, sexual or physical abuse,  parental drug use or incarceration, as well as other forms of mal-treatment. Custody can be Emergency, Temporary, or Permanent.

Will I have to speak with the biological parents of the child?

As a Specialized Treatment Parent you will support the positive bonds that each child has with their biological family. If the child is in Temporary or Emergency custody Treatment Parents will do what they can to make transitioning back to a biological home a positive experience.

How long does it take to become a treatment parent with Choices for Life Foster Care, Inc.?

The process typically takes 60 days depending on class attendance, paperwork completion, and completion of homestudy.

Does the training cost anything?

No, there is no cost to the prospective treatment parents that relates to pre-service training. The only cost that a parent might encounter is that of having their fingerprints done.

How many kids can I care for?

There is a maximum of 2 therapeutic foster children per home. 3 may be placed with special exception.

How much does Therapeutic Treatment Parenting offer in reimbursement?

You are reimbursed for your expenses related to foster parenting at the rate of $33 per day per child in your care.

How often are you going to be in my home?

Prior to certification we will be in your home doing the evaluation and homestudy a minimum of two times. After placement of children in your home, our counselors will be in your home a minimum of 2 hours every other week and additionally as needed/requested.

What is “Line of Sight” supervision?

Therapeutic foster children must be “in-view” of the foster parents, except for in school and other approved activities. Treatment parents are required to provide this level of supervision.

Do I have to work to be a Treatment Parent?

No, but you must have sufficient income, prior to the reimbursement received from Choices for Life, to support and maintain you current situation.