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Outpatient Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services / Tier 2 Provider


Outpatient Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services / Tier 2 Provider 

Choices For Life of Georgia, LLC purpose is to provide comprehensive services for children, adolescents and families with mental health or substance use issues that supports the individual in their recovery, stability, and wellness as well as their families and supporters. Services are based on diagnosable conditions and are trauma sensitive, strengths-based, person centered and collaboratively focused on improving social, emotional, psychological, cognitive and family functioning for healthier individuals and communities. Admission to services is within our scope of care is in accordance with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD). The non-residential services provided are organized and structured based on the best available evidence of service effectiveness for persons aged 5-21, who meet the eligibility requirements for treatment. Choices for Life of Georgia provides services based on provisions as outlines by DBHDD Tier 2 Service provider guidelines.

It is a mission of Choices For Life of Georgia, LLC to provide professional, trustworthy, collaborative, culturally and linguistically responsive counseling services. Services are based on needs of the individual, services may address mental health symptoms, diagnoses, and associated functional impairments; resolve issues resulting from the use of alcohol, drugs, or other substances; help manage co-occurring mental health, substance use, and/or health conditions; or provide clinical support of psychosocial adjustments related to life cycle issues that addresses holistic empowerment, children and families thus promoting resiliency, recovery and stability. Choices for Life of Georgia works to provide cultural competent services and staff who interact effectively with people of different cultures and helps to ensure the needs of all community members are addressed.

Choices for Life of Georgia focuses on organizational safety, trustworthiness, transparency, cultural sensitivity, collaboration, and empowerment among and between staff and consumers. This approach recognizes the role trauma plays in the lives of consumers and families and seeks to shift the clinical perspective from “what’s wrong with you” to “what happened to you” by recognizing and accepting symptoms and difficult behaviors as strategies developed to cope with childhood trauma. Trauma is highly prevalent, can impact a person at any time during their lifespan and may present as mental health, substance use or physical health conditions.

A variety of methods are utilized to provide the appropriate services and is based on an individualized basis, taking into consideration cultural, linguistically factors and using a Behavioral Health Assessment, Diagnostic Assessment, collaborative Treatment Planning, Individual and Family counseling, Group counseling, Individual/Group Skills Building and Training and provide education and resources within the community. Modalities may include (as clinically appropriate): Multi-systemic Therapy, Interactive Play Therapy and evidenced based modalities as appropriate to the individual based on the best available evidence of service effectiveness.

Choices For Life of Georgia, LLC uses a holistic approach to healing--body, mind, and spirit--all of which suffers damage during years of trauma, abuse and neglect. Resilience is a skill set that can be learned and developed over time It is our goal to: (1) support the recovery of clients and their family members, and to reduce the symptoms that are related to mental health issues, substance use issues or co-occurring issues.; (2) enhance the quality of physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual well-being of persons served; (3) improve overall functioning of persons served; (4) re-enter society with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead a fulfilling life.

This process requires a safe, comfortable, and respectful environment and a trusting, caring relationship. It is not necessary for an individual to disclose painful experiences to be helped. By using universal precautions and treating all people as if they have been exposed to trauma and by using trauma-informed approaches, healing and recovery can be promoted.

Services offered: 

  • Psychiatric Services | A licensed psychiatrist is available for evaluations and medication management.
  • Nursing Services | A Registered Nurse is available for nursing assessments
  • Diagnostic Assessment | An intensive clinical and functional face-to-face evaluation of a recipient’s mental health, developmental functioning, and/or substance use that results in the issuance of a Diagnostic/Assessment report with recommendations regarding services and provides the basis for the development of a treatment plan. It also evaluates the recipient’s level of readiness and motivation to engage in treatment. Results from a Diagnostic/Assessment include an interpretation of the assessment information, appropriate case formulation and an order for immediate needs and the development of a Treatment Plan.
  • Outpatient Therapy | Choices for Life of Georgia clinicians can provide assessment, individual, group and/or family therapy. These services can be provided in the home, at school or in an office setting.
  • Community Supports | Consists of mental health services and supports necessary to assist the client in achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyle skills. Community Support Workers provide skill building including daily and community living skills, socialization skills, adaptation skills, development of leisure time interests/activities, symptom management skills, wellness education, psycho education, community recource linking and work readiness skills.
  • Group Services | Services are directed toward achievement of specific goals defined by the child and family. Services may address goals/issues such as promoting resiliency, and the restoration, development, and enhancement or maintenance of daily functioning skills.
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Please contact the Georgia office at 229-244-1707/1705 for more information related to scheduling services with our Behavioral Health Outpatient Program.