Choices For Life

Touching 226 lives ...

I (Linda) first became interested in becoming a foster parent during the time that I worked in the newborn nursery as a LPN.  At Oklahoma University Hospital, I remember seeing so many of the newborn babies with drugs in their little systems and not being able to go home with their mothers.  It broke my heart.  These newborns where sent to DHS because of neglect or abuse from drug infected mothers.  The mothers could be discharged from the hospital and return to their drug infested lives, but the children would be left for weeks without a mother to care for them, just waiting for a home.

My job inspired us to open our home to all children, regardless of age, race, or background.  With my husband spending more time at home due to a disability, we saw this as an opportunity to become foster parents. Being foster parents has not only benefited the children we have taken into our home, but it has benefited us as well.  We have been able to share our favorite holiday with these wonderful children.  Christmas time at our house is a holiday like no other, filled with lots of joy and laughter.  Being able to share that with the children has not only brought smiles to our faces but to the children that we have had in our home.

Throughout the years, we have fostered 226 children.  I have every one of their names and still keep track of them to this day.  It is very rewarding to know that we have helped so many children.  We hear from them often.  They still tend to call us "Mom and Dad."  The first child we had is now 21 years old.  When he came into our home he was 12 and his brother was 9 years old.  It's hard to believe we have been fostering for so long, but we cannot imagine our lives any other way.  

We have been able to live a life style of pleasure and some pain.  We are both senior citizens, but the children truly keep us young.   During our time as foster parents, we have been able to travel the U.S., often taking the children with us.  

Being a foster parent has changed our lives, and we are so happy that we took the opportunity to become foster parents all those years ago.  If we had not, we would have never been able to touch the lives of the children that we have met along the way.